Thursday, November 19, 2009


Having pre-schoolers makes almost everything more fun, but especially holidays. They are so excited to celebrate. What a great lesson -shouldn't we all be?!

So, we have been talking lots about Thanksgiving and what it is all about. Im appreciating a holiday that has such a simple explanation. A message that I try to live and teach every thankful.

This year we are so thankful for our neighbors. On either side we have wonderful families who are so caring, so open, and so loving towards our family, especially our kids. Our 9 year old neighbor would rather play with us then play football! He has taken residence in the third row of our car and is a welcome edition on our field trips.

I love that we are a little community. Passing around new recipes, sharing dinners, and always ready for an afternoon chat. It has made my days as a stay at home mom a little more sane and a little more fun. The kids are in heaven. One family even has a snack basket just for Ella, Drew and Tyler. Our neighbors make them feel loved. They feel special. Is there a better gift?

And for that we are so Thankful.

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