Monday, November 16, 2009


Ella spent Sunday afternoon at a little girls birthday party...AT A NAIL SALON!! She was so excited and loved every single minute of it. I've never described her as a girlie girl - passing up dress up clothes and dance class. You would never know it if you saw her at the salon!

Im still slightly shocked. Isn't she my baby? How can she have polish on her nails, never mind applied by a professional!

Ella is smitten. She is in absolute love with her own fingernails.

This is her standard position for showing them off. And she does so as often as possible.

A nail salon...seriously!!


AuntieM said...

OMG, what are they going to do when they are 7? She looks bootiefull. Pink is definitely her color. Hugs and kisses!

Nonnie said...

How big could her tiny nails be?? How much time could the technician take on each little finger? Look at her face . . . I'm sure in her mind . . . this was the adventure of her lifetime!! I wish I was there. I have already made an appointment at "Nails Galore" in Marshfield for her next visit. I want to see that face in person. Oh, by the way . .. it includes a massage, eyebrow wax, facial . . . . whatever she wants. I love her so much.