Monday, November 9, 2009

Too Cool

Ella and Drew are way too cool for school in this photo.

Actually they are pretty cool most of the time. Drew does this little half smile/smirk face when he is trying not to smile. Because you know when you are telling a joke or trying to be funny? It is way cooler to not smile.

Ella picked out her own boots at Marshalls. She likes them because she can put them on herself and because "they go with everything."

This morning as Ella sat down to watch Sesame Street, Drew reminded her that she doesn't like that show. Ella responded, "Drew, a girl can change her mind."

Too cool for school, I tell ya!


auntiem said...

Miss Ella is getting so big. It is wonderful to see 4yr. old's express themselves. You should be very proud of their accomplishments, I know you are. But looking from the outside in, I am so proud of them. I wish we lived closer so we could get to know each other more. I hate being the Auntie with the bad rough puppies. Kisses to all, Good night!

Nonnie said...

Well . . . after spending 5 days with Miss Ella, Master Drew and King Tyler . . . let me tell you! I think they are really 7 year olds in little tiny bodies!! The word "cool" just doesn't describe their personalities. They are loving, funny, inventive, shy, outgoing, helpful, demanding, smart, quiet, noisy, curious, happy, energetic, enthusiastic, early risers, book lovers, movie LOVERS, affectionate, cute, lovable, . . . did I mention smart and loving. They are so very loving. Kissing and hugging happens all day long. Oh . . . and wonderful. I miss them already. Kisses to all . . . and Drew . . .don't wipe them off.

Monkey Business said...

We love you guys and oh, so wish we could see you everyday! My kids are so lucky to have awesome aunties and awesome nonnie's to love them so much :)