Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Nana!

Oh how we wish we were there to sing in person!! We would charge into your little apartment bringing hugs, kisses, and joyful noise. We would soak in your smile and shine in the twinkle of your eyes. There is nothing like a grandma to warm the heart.

We love you Nana and wish you the best day!!



Shauna said...

Each take was better than the last! Adorable! :)

AuntieM said...

OMG, tears are pouring out of my eyes right now, these children are so awesome..I wish she had a computer to see this...thank you for this special tribute to your Nana...I will tell her, she might not remember, but I will tell her. I/we love you guys!

Monkey Business said...

Don't worry Mom is bringing her laptop tomorrow so Nana can see it. Ah, I wish I could be there too!! The monkey's also sang/shouted to her on speaker phone today..after that I think she was relieved we live so far!