Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In their Words...

The poster board on the door to the preschool classroom read:

What I am Thankful for:
Danny: Goldfish

Declan: my police car

Briel: Princesses

Matthew: Thomas the Train

Alyssa: My mommy

Ella: Nonnie

Drew: Nonnie and Caca

I may have let a tear slip...

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Nonnie said...

In my words . . .what I am thankful for . .. Ella and me doing our "nails" together.
Drew and I snuggling a little longer in my bed together alone sharing "dream" stories.
Tyler and me hugging and playing and having him run to my arms "asking for Mo' kisses" .
Having my "babe" home.
Having my Mike home with us sharing such a special holiday . . all about being thankful. . . all about being with family.