Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Collector

Ella likes to collect things. Anything that is small will do, from paper scraps to tiny toys. For awhile she had a large canvas bag hanging on a dining room chair that was chock full of her "friends." It included my Christmas shopping lists, stuffed animals, the magnetic letters from the fridge, tiny plastic animals, blankets, and other assorted objects.

I feel like I've written about this before, but I can't find it...I need to label better...anyway...

I finally got rid of the bag, but now she has 2 new spots. I made them a mailbox out of our vacuum box. She has used it to store her treasures and regularly cleans the mail out to make room for her dogs and their blankets. They also need to have their toys in there, so they sleep among various plastic.

But, by far her funniest spot for her collections is her bed. I have had to set new rules for what, but more importantly, how many things she can have in her bed. On one of my cleaning expeditions I found the following:

* 5 pairs of socks, all rolled into one sock along with a tiny dinosaur and little chicken

* 7 books

* 3 stuffed animal dogs

* 1 naked baby doll

* 1 small notebook ripped into a million tiny pieces all stacked up

* 1 magnifying glass (maybe to read the notes on the tiny paper?)

* 1 flashlight

Good thing she is tiny and has plenty of room in her bed!

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