Monday, March 30, 2009

Mr. Softie

Tyler has his very first ice cream cone this weekend. Of course he has had ice cream before, but on this evening he held the cone all by himself. He didn't drop a drip and he ate every last bite. Yes, he strutted around TCBY like a rock star. Ive never seen him so happy.

Sometimes I am shocked when I remember that he is only 15 months old. When people ask, I usually say he is 18 months old, without thinking. He is growing up so fast. And he is doing so much. He is running now, no more wobbly baby steps. He rides bikes, climbs ladders and eats all the things 15 month olds are not supposed to eat - like raw carrots and raisins - by the handful - while Im not watching.

Slow down, Tyler T! You only have your first ice cream cone once.

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The Wagner Family said...

Must have been the weekend for first cones! We took the girls to Peaceful Meadows and Sofia gobbled down a vanilla cone and then drank half of Joe's milkshake. She was in a ice cream coma.
Maybe its the younger kids trying to keep up with the older because it almost feels like Sofia was never a baby :(