Friday, March 6, 2009

A Little Girl's Braids

Most pictures of me as a little girl show my hair in braids. One on each side and a french braid if my mom could swing it. I remember standing in the kitchen complaining as she pulled and tugged them into place.

I also remember braiding my dolls hair and practicing on My Little Ponies until I got them just right. Later on I was often standing on a stool in a dark cool barn braiding a real pony's mane for the show the next day.

I have always loved braiding - the hair in my fingers, the pieces laying perfectly, the neat perfect result.

Ella's hair is finally long enough that I can braid it quite easily. She complains, as I did many years ago and I keep braiding anyway, as my mom did years ago. Putting braids in my own little girls hair makes me feel like a mom. Im not playing with dolls or riding ponies. I am the mom to this beautiful little girl in her braids.

I love my little girl, especially in her braids.

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