Monday, March 16, 2009

Spending a Day

Each day holds promise of good weather, fun adventures, smiles and laughs. I usually like to spend my weekends chock full of everything I can think of - especially trips that are a little too far or a little too tough with all 3 by myself. I love to enjoy breakfast at the Diner with my husband and my kids. Apple juice gets them excited and Tyler flirts with the other patrons long enough that Mike and I can exchange a few uninterrupted sentences. Then we are off, ready to soak up every minute of our weekend and each other.

So this Sunday I woke with my usual itch. Ready to rush everyone out the door on our way to the zoo or someplace equally exciting. I badgered Mike with questions trying to make decisions on where to go and when. Then something happened. I looked around at my family who were all content right where they were. I sat on the couch and took a deep breath. Maybe I could spend a day just enjoying the day and where it took us.

Spending a day doesn't have to be extravagant, or adventurous, or exciting. It can be lounging on a couch together, "fishing" off the deck and playing catch with your dad.

We had the best day, spent very wisely.


Anonymous said...

I hear you.. Looks like a perfect day. I have the same restless itch and know if we lived closer the cousins would have a steady whirl wind of adventures. We'd be a force. I drive Matt crazy. lol As of late, it's a constant where can I take them and what can we do different before the baby. Then, I find myself 8 months pregnant with two kids swimming at the Comfort Inn. Talk about a workout. Taking your advice to heart....staying put tomorrow. :) Love, Auntie Heidi

Monkey Business said...

Zoos, Aquariums, Museums beware!! You are right we would be a force!! Now, how to get closer to each other...