Friday, March 13, 2009

I Have a Bone to Pick

Yes, Tyler I am talking to you! In my most stern mommy voice with my most stern mommy face.

This morning you were impossible. Im talking more impossible than ever (that isn't entirely true, because you and I have been on rocky road since you were 2 weeks old, but it sounds more dramatic that way). My hopes were up when you slept until 7:30, but to take away some of your praise, that was due more to the time change than your sleeping habits. Anyway...

You weren't happy from the get go. Cereal was thrown all over the living room. Sippy cups pushed aside. Lots of arching backs and horrific screaming. I held you, I sang to you, I tried to read your favorite books - to no avail.

It continued like this for 3 hours. Through breakfast, coloring, stacking, reading and dealing with the new washer and delivery men.

You cried and screamed. I tried my best, but was so frustrated. I wondered if the neighbors would come over to see if I was passed out on the floor - because why else would I allow my child to scream like this?

So listen little buddy, we need to put an end to this. I know you are the baby and ridiculously adorable and super funny and everything - but enough all ready. It is getting so old.

ps. You are hurting Drew's ears and I am tired of hearing about that too!


Anonymous said...

You poor thing! Have a tall glass of wine tonight! Could he be teething??? Gretchen has been a handful the last two weeks and finally I saw one of her "eye" teeth pop through. Granted she still isn't completely back to herself, but almost. Hang in there

Mary (Howard) Merrill

Monkey Business said...

Unless the eye teeth started popping at 2 weeks, I doubt it :) After his nap he was much better and basked in all kinds of stranger attention at Panera. I think we will make it!!