Monday, March 2, 2009

Looking into the Future

Since they were born I have see-sawed between enjoying who they are now and wanting a peek into the future to see who they will become. Will they stay close? Will they be funny, athletic, and keep their love of music? So many questions, so many possibilities.

It is amazing that they have no concept yet of the future. Kids this age truly live for the moment, or at least the day. I love to be reminded to focus on the "right now" to soak up all the giggles, hugs, and smiles.

There is no rush, in fact I would be totally content keeping them just as they are today.

ps. We are snowed in today, so Ill need to remind myself of this lesson often today, especially by 4 pm!!


Jason said...

Snowed in? That stinks! I took Nate out today and had to cut the trip short cuz I forgot the sunscreen:) It's getting hot early this year. But when you're enjoying the nice northeast summer, we'll be "sunned in" and making trips to the park at 6 am before the playground equipment heats up!

Monkey Business said...

Maybe from now on we should plan trips to visit each other to enjoy a taste of opposite weather! Has Nate seen snow yet? Yesterday was too cold and windy for the little guy to play outside, so we didn't even get to make a snowman :(