Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Playing Games

Games of any kind are a huge hit around here these days. The favorite is hide-and-seek. What a great game it is - no pieces, no boards, no directions, and you can play it anywhere. The kids get a huge kick out of it, squealing, running, and covering their face with their hands. We love it to, but more laughing at them than with them! They will hide in the same place every time, and the term "hide" is used very loosely around here. They may "hide" standing next to the refrigerator, or laying on the couch with a pillow over their face, or under a dining room chair with half their body hanging out. They also love to hide in the exact spot that they just found you. But it is fun to hear them laugh as you look in ridiculous places, "Is she in the teapot?!" I still love to hide it makes me feel like I am 6 again waiting for my brothers to find me, although Tyler always stands over me laughing and pulling my hair, thus giving away my spots.

After Tyler goes to bed, the big kids chose from their vast stack of board games and puzzles. They get so excited choosing cards, spinning spinners, and finding matches. They are genuinely excited for others to win. Another reason why 3 is the perfect age. Just about everything is fun and exciting. There is very little competitiveness and lots of joy.

It is so simple - a board game or hiding behind the couch - and they light up with happiness. Love it.

Drew "hiding" under a chair and Ella counting to 20.
ps. check out the hair to hips ratio!!


AuntieM said...

You absolutely make my day. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing my niece and nephews grow. I wish I could see them more often. Love, Auntie M

Monkey Business said...

I love that you named yourself "Auntie M" it is so Wizard of Oz of you!! We love you - thanks!

Shauna said...

I got such a kick out of seeing Drew "hiding" by the door at Nana's birthday party, while loudly jingling the bells that hung from the knob.

He is so stealth.

P.S. Design nearly complete!!!

The Wagner Family said...

We are so into games too! Check out EEBOO games. They have cute picnic, tea party, and paper doll games that Ava loves. Also the "Garden Game" It is a yoga game with no winners.

Monkey Business said...

Thanks for the recs! A yoga game with no winners...how funny and so 2009!