Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The King

Tyler is often ruling our roost. Sure, Ella takes charge most of the time despite my attempts to maintain order - but, Tyler is certainly giving her a run for her money. Although he has enough words and signs to communicate his basic needs, he continues to screech. Not just any screech or scream, but a mind numbing, window cracking, call 911 type of battle cry. He screeches for my attention, for food, for a toy, while changing his diaper, and wanting to go outside. He follows the kids around demanding whatever toy they are holding. If he thinks they are getting away he grabs hold of whatever clothing he can and hangs on. Although all of us try not to give in, the screech is just too powerful. Drew quickly hands over a prized flashlight and Ella relinqueshes her favorite puppies. We put books to the side mid-story and hand over food mid-bite.
We huff and puff, complain and roll our eyes - but then he flashes one of his signature smiles or plants a big "Ummmm-Mahhh" kiss and we can't help but smile back and love him.

We are in trouble.


The Wagner Family said...

This sounds too much like Sofia! Ava walks around with fingers in her ears half the day! Its brutal!

Monkey Business said...

Ha! My kids too - Drew is always whining - Tyler is hurting my ears! Maybe it is the age? I hope this phase ends pronto :)