Monday, March 30, 2009


Sometimes I wish this parenting thing were a little easier. Most times it is, if I remind myself to not take it so seriously. If I remember that every little decision will not make or break my children!

But today I wished for someone or something to appear and tell me what was "right."

Drew didn't want to go into his gym class. They have been attending the class for about 6 months and he has always loved it. Trampolines, obstacle courses, rock climbing walls and fun music. He usually runs into the class without hesitation to emerge an hour later with a big smile on his face.

Last week when I brought him for a make-up class he froze at the door. He had gone to his regular class the day before without incident. But, he refused a day later, crying, clinging to me and begging to go home. So he didn't go in and we played with friends instead.

Today it was the same scene. Crying, clutching my leg and refusing my most creative bribes. We watched from the window and he giggled at his classmates and cheered for Ella.

I didn't want to push him too hard if he didn't want to do it, but I know that he loves it. I know that if he just went in for a few minutes he would have a blast. I wanted to force him, but I didn't. My heart was breaking for him, but I was also frustrated as anything. It felt awful.

What would a wise parent do?

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