Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring, Are You There?

I know you are. I know that you will eventually come. Last week you poked your head into our world and gave me hope - but it was fleeting. This week winter seems colder, darker, icier and oh so boring.

Spring, I am becoming desperate for you. I love to see Daffodils peeking up on roadsides and under bushes. I love Magnolia buds and even better their blooms. I love to shed our jackets and hats. I love warm sun on my face. Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, rides on bikes bought in the middle of winter. Trips to the zoo, aquarium, and every park we can find. It feels so close, but not close enough.

Remember Ella and Drew's first spring? It felt as if our whole family came alive. We took long walks all over Hoboken, drank coffee and lounged on grass not yet turned green.

The next spring was highlighted by the new park exactly one block away and little feet running on grass for the first time.

Last spring it was Tyler's turn to bask in the fresh air, usually strapped to my chest with his legs kicking in excitement.

What do you hold for us this year?


The Wagner Family said...

I CAN'T wait any longer either!! You are so has been colder and darker lately why? Maybe my mood :) Ava asks me every day when we can go to the park.

Monkey Business said...

64 this weekend!! Woo hoo!! Yeah Spring :)