Monday, June 29, 2009


What says summer more than standing in a hot parking lot watching kids ride on fast and/or high rides put together and run by people you wouldn't trust working on your car?! Yup, it is carnival, fair, and amusement park season and the monkeys are enjoying every second!

Ella and Drew will go on anything, as long as the men working the ride don't attempt to touch Ella in any way. You should see how fast I run through that gate when the ride stops! Drew loves anything that has a lever or button that will make the ride go up and down or make a noise. Ella loves it all.

Of course the maniac wants to ride anything and everything. Unfortunately for Tyler the carnies have some rules, and he is not allowed on many of the rides. He screams and points and tries to climb the fence. When we do encounter a ride he can go on, he LOVES it. Big smiles and waves for daddy the entire ride. When the ride stops he clutches the seat belt (term used loosely here) and tries to melt into the ride. I then am forced to drag the poor little guy, kicking and screaming, to the next ride.

I have to admit, I love watching them on the rides. But, one of my favorite parts of the experience is watching Mike. You have to see him leaning against the fence watching the kids go around. He is pointing, waving, cheering, and yelling like a fool. Fists pumping, hat waving, and a big goofy exaggerated grin on his face. This from the man who is too embarrassed to order my favorite drink at Dunkin Donuts because he needs to ask for both decaf and skim milk. I love it.
Ahh, summer time!

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