Thursday, June 25, 2009

What Daddy loves....

I love to come home at night and hear Ella scream..."he's home, he's home"...It makes me feel like everyone was just talking about me.

I love it when I walk thru the door and everyone is eating is usually quite loud and I walk in undetected....Tyler is always situated such that he is the only one that can see the door...I look at him and he smiles, then he laughs, then he yells "DaDa, DaDa, DaDaaaaaaa"

I loved it when I came home late the other night and the kids were in their room already....Mom looked very relaxed on the couch...I emptied my pockets and dropped some loose change into the vase right next to the is the conversation that ensued upstairs:
Drew: "Daddy is that you? You home?
Ella: "No Drew, he is still at work"
Drew: "But Ella, I think I heard him put money in the thing"
Ella: "Drew he comes" (as I walked upstairs)
Drew: "okay Ella"
Ella hides by turning on her belly and burying her head in the bed

One of the challenging thing about twins is that it is difficult sometimes to give each one 100% attention..They just pepper me with questions at the same are the usual questions...

Did you do lots of work today or a little bit? I told you to only do a little bit of work.
What did you eat for lunch? Did you eat a cheeseburger?
Did have any meetings today?
Did you drink coffee with your friends?
Did you miss me?

Ella and Drew, I love that you listen for me at night when I come home late. I love that you know my routine and that I put my loose change in the vase when I walk in. I love that you don't want me to work too hard. I love that you know that I often eat a cheeseburger for lunch.

And yes I miss you every minute of every day while I'm not with you.


Monkey Business said...

What a sweet surprise! You are the best :)

AuntieM said...

Oh Mike,
What a touching note. As I dry my eyes, I want to 'thank you' for taking such good care of Lauren, Ella, Drew and Tyler too! The bond that you have with your children is absolutely wonderful. They are very blessed to have such a wonderful Dad.xo

Anonymous said...

Thanks Auntie M :)