Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Sometimes the moments, or days, or weeks, or the last 3 years feel tough. There are lots of people out there writing and talking about how being a mother is the hardest job.

I think they might be full of it.

I feel so lucky and happy today. This might just be the easiest and best part of my whole life. I have no one to report to, no time clock to punch, or deadline to meet. Im not stressed by an over scheduled calender or emotionally draining clients.

I have my 3 awesome babies, a beautiful day, and no where to be.

Being with my dad always reminds me to let them go a little. There is no need to monitor their every move, or rush them here and there. Let them go outside barefoot or splash in puddles...let them be. When I do, we are all happier.

I feel so lucky and almost a little guilty that my days are this awesome. I am so thankful that Mike provides us with this life. He rides the bus and the subway in the heat and in the cold and works all day, so that we can do what we do. I am so thankful.

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