Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wacko at 1 and a Half

Hey Ty - you are a wacko!
I have to stop calling you that, though, because now Ella and Drew are saying it and it isn't so funny from 3 year olds.

You still wake up screaming, but sometimes when I pick you up you give me one of your super hugs. It is as if your whole being just wants to squeeze me and I absolutely love it.

You love Ella and Drew with amazing devotion, even while you are tackling and biting them. Guess what? They love you with amazing devotion right back. They even laugh when you bite them.

You hand me the remote and point to the tv. I am embarrassed by this, but it is cute how you dance to "Sunny Days."

You ride a tricycle and a scooter, swing on big kid swings, climb ladders, and hang from monkey bars.

I shake my head at you every day and wonder where you came from.

As Olivia's mother says..."You really wear me out, but I love you anyways." Except that in our version it is that I love you madly.

Happy 1/2 Birthday Buddy!

ps. since this is the only form of a baby book you will ever have, your wife may ask some day when you started talking. So, at this point you say Mama, Dada, Whoa!, Uh-Oh, No, and Ta-da...although all we really here is NO! You know all the important body parts and all the animal sounds. You know a bunch of sign language, but refuse to use it. You also sing "Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma" when marching.

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