Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Need for Speed

No, not that kind...Im not that tired!!

Last evening while riding bikes around the empty Post Office parking lot, I watched my children delight in speed. Ella and Drew have always been on the cautious side. Hesitant to slide down the biggest slides or to try roller skates. But last night as their little legs peddled faster and faster they shrieked with delight. The wind was blowing Ella's curls like crazy and their cheeks were flush from the exertion.

It was one of those moments when I realize that they change so quick. One minute hesitant babies and the next daring, speed demon preschoolers. I know that one day all too soon they will trade in their training wheels for car keys. I wonder if I will be able to tolerate them growing up so fast. I wonder how much of these days I will remember.

In the meantime, Im here, soaking it all in and cheering them on.

Oh, and Tyler - he is a maniac. If I don't push him fast enough in his little push-car he screeches "Mama!" and points his finger to the horizon. So, my hair was blowing, my cheeks were flushed and Im sure I made quite a spectacle running at top speed around the parking lot.

But, hey, we are only young once, right?!