Thursday, June 11, 2009


This is my family circa 1979. What is up with my parents posture? And glasses?

I should submit it to Awkward Family Photo...haven't seen that site yet? Prepare yourself it is laugh out loud funny!

found via this site


Monkey Business said...

Since my mom can't/won't figure out how to leave comments, she sometimes comments via email. This was her response:

Remind me to yell at you later . . .I just peeked at your blog!!! I can't stop laughing. , . . and laughing . . .and laughing!!

Look at the expression on Mark's face and your face. I think you knew we were geeks. Matt . . . being the middle child was just going along for the ride!! Happy to be included in the group!! What were we thinking??? By the way . . . I think those are the same eye glasses I still pull out and wear??? Don't they look the same? Love those big frames . . . I read in Glamour Magazine . . . that is the style for a " r o u n d " face like mine. It's true

Nonnie said...

Okay . . . Okay . . . I'm on board . . . figured it out. Now you are in trouble. I might not shut up! love you more.Nonnie!

aunite m said...

OMG! This really brings back memories. I love the pic.That's how I remember my babes. Love, Auntie M.

Shauna said...

I am dying laughing: at this picture, at these comments and at the Awkward Portraits web site. DYING.

Monkey Business said...

Of course you would like this one Shauna - Ive seen your family photos on facebook!! You could have started that site :)