Friday, June 5, 2009

Change the Channel

Ive reached the end of my rope.

Ive had it up to here.

The straw that broke the camel's back was about 20 straws ago.

Still no car. Still raining. Still whining, yelling, fighting, crying. Art projects take 30 min to set up and hold interest for about 2 min. We start a game only for an 18 month old to wreck it.

My jaw is tight. My smile stiff. My heart isn't in it.

Change the channel.

That's what my mom always says. When you are in a slump, down, depressed, feeling negative or pessimistic in general...change the channel. Stop yourself mid-complaint and switch focus. Force yourself to be positive.

It works. Try it.

We'll build a fort. We'll make brownies. We'll play with balloons.

I will remind myself that we won't have this day back. They will never be these ages again. We are all healthy. We are lucky. I will make us all laugh. We will dance. We will appreciate this day for forcing us to use our imaginations and reminding us to slow down. It isn't all about zoos and museums and shopping malls...but about being together.

She won't nap. Ill go lay with her and tell stories and sing songs. Laundry can wait. DInner can wait.

She can't.

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