Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar

So, it turns out that our car is in the shop all week getting a face lift. Im so in favor of plastic surgery especially since Mike hit a Dunkin Donuts and even more so after breast feeding 3 children in two years...but more on that another time. Did I just confuse you?

Anywho, we are stranded. At first it seemed like a recipe for disaster...3 kids + rain + no car?! But this morning we walked to the library (thank goodness we live in walkable distance to a few things) and low and behold they were waiting for me. Yes, it made me feel slightly nerdy that the librarians lit up like Christmas Trees when I walked in the door and they all said "We have been waiting for you!" I looked behind me, because surely they weren't talking to me. But yes, they were. I request books on-line from other libraries whenever I read a good review or when a friend makes a recommendation. They usually trickle in to my library for me to pick up every few weeks or so. Today there were 8 books waiting for me. I was afraid to pass them back because it could be weeks before they came around to me again.

In for naps, a quick pick up of toys and on the couch for a little reading. I felt like a kid in a candy store....which one would I pick first. I arranged them first by due date, then I skimmed the summaries and picked a winner. They woke up from their naps and since it was raining and the book was getting good, I popped in a movie. The movie ended and I kept reading. They played, independently. I kept reading. At one point I looked up from the book and realized what an awesome afternoon this was. This never happens. We always play with them, or clean, or cook, or go somewhere. But this was so, um, nice.

At one point Tyler crawled up on the couch with me and we cuddled. Actually it was like a make out session! He never gives kisses, but he was kissing my face and slobbering all over me. It was funny and blissful. And I realized that if I were making dinner that wouldn't have happened.

And then I remembered...Dinner! Oops.

I ordered a pizza and kept reading.

I love this life and I only feel a little bit guilty.

ps. I finished the book

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