Friday, June 19, 2009

For the Birds

The zoos we frequent both have giant enclosures where you walk among hundreds of little birds. As an added bonus (and for an added fee) you can purchase little sticks with birdseed secured to one end. Depending on the day and the crowd the birds either flock to the food or you have to hunt them down and try to tempt one. Ella is good at the tempting, "Here little birdie! Here little birdie, I won't hurt you!" Drew is a little wary of the days when they are literally swarming us. One afternoon they were landing on our heads, our arms and even climbing into Mike's pocket. Tyler likes to hold the stick, until a bird lands on it. The poor little unsuspecting thing lands for a bite and then gets a good hearty shake.

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AuntieM said...

Love the pics. Ella is so fearless and absolutely the cutest with those pigtails!