Sunday, November 9, 2008

11 Months

Dear Tyler,

This is your last shot at being a baby. In one month you will have your birthday and be on your way to being a little boy. I need to tell you this because you are already trying to race ahead. You want it all - to eat, to climb, to tackle, to love. You are constant motion and constant noise. You are so independent already and you certainly know what you want. You yell at all of us if we get in your way - I think we are in trouble when you actually start talking!
You are a super snuggler and give the best hugs. Instead of waving, you point at people with a huge smile - melts me every time. You seem indestructible, thank goodness, because you are such a daredevil - climbing stairs, flying down slides, wrestling with your big brother. I love to watch how excited you get while watching Ella and Drew, or when you see animals, or while dancing. You are always happy, so eager to join in. Unless you are hungry, and then watch out! Have I mentioned that you are a human garbage disposal?!

You are amazing.

I love you - Mom

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