Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Favorite Place

After running a few errands this morning, we went to the local county zoo which is less than 10 miles away. We go there quite often and it sometimes feels like ours. Especially today. It was cloudy and a little chilly, there were exactly 6 cars in the parking lot (which is also for a playground). The zoo is free now for the winter season, so we walked right in - no staff in site. We stopped over to see our buddies, the buffalo, but on the way we were surprised by the prairie dogs. We have seen one or two before, but this time there were at least 12! They were running, wrestling, eating - the kids loved it. We walked towards the barn and sat on a bench for lunch. We saw one other family pass by, but other than that the kids had the pigs, sheep, and donkeys to themselves. The animals were all up and the pigs were talking. Everyone was happy, despite their colds, and it felt perfect. I love my kids and I love being a mom -especially on days like this.
ps. this pic is from a few weeks ago, but I love it!

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