Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One in a Million

My mother is awesome in a million ways. One of those ways is her ability to touch people, to impact their lives in a positive way. This morning she told me that a boy who grew up with my brother, now in his 30s, wrote to her and told her that he still has his Dreamcoat. (My mother was the mastermind behind these coats we made out of our dad's shirts for a school performance) Can you remember an adult in your childhood that made an impact on who you are today? Aggie, my first grade teacher and my Auntie Pati are two people I credit with giving me the self-confidence to believe in myself.  There is a boy I worked with years ago who has called me 3 semesters in a row to tell me he is still in college. It is an absolutely amazing feeling. 
I can't wait to see who the special people are for Ella, Drew, and Tyler. I am going to do my best to expose them to people who can offer them a sense of pride, self worth, and community. Although it is exciting to think of them having these experiences, it is also a little tough. Another reminder that I have to let them go a little. That one day, sooner than I think, they are going to be out there in the big world without me. I hope they run into a million people just like my mom....if only there were a million, but even the Dreamcoat boy knows, there is only one. 


Anonymous said...

Even after moving nearly a dozen times between college and my adult life, I have moved my dream coat every single time. Each time I pack and unpack it, I take a little time to look it over and recall the memory of making it with my mom. Where ever you are out there, Aggie, thanks!! If my future children have teachers half as supportive as Aggie I know they will be just fine.


Dargan Twins said...

Wasn't she just the best?! Thanks Naomi :)