Friday, November 21, 2008

The Wall Flower

One of my mom's tried and true responses to every difficulty Im having with the kids is, "It's a phase, it will pass. And then it will be a new thing!" She is so right. 

Today we went to a neighboring town's library for the first time for their Toddler Time Play Hour. Yes, it was as lame as it sounds, but thank goodness toddlers are sooo into lame. Ella began her usual line of questioning....

E: What's your name? 
little girl just stares
E looks around for a near-by adult and says louder: Hey, Hey! What's her name? 
Mother: Her name is Hannah. 
E, looking at me: Her name is Hannah. 
E: My name is Ella. This is Tyler my baby brother. And that's Drew. My birthday is next. I want a Trumpet. 

She continues this around the room and even includes the Librarian. At one point a mother turned to me and said, "wow, she is so outgoing." And then it struck me. This is the same little girl who clung to Mike or I when entering any new building. The same little girl who just months before would cry forever if a stranger looked her way, never mind spoke directly to her. 

Kids are amazing. Phases are amazing. My mother is so right. 

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