Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, the excitement of Halloween and a trip to Boston was just too much for our family. The entire family has some sort of cold. Drew started it off and he is already feeling better. I think Ella has it the worst with congestion, cough, and a fever here and there.
Last night I was rocking Tyler as he sniffed and gagged and I could hear Ella barking in her room. Mike was in a NyQuil haze peacefully oblivious to it all (damn breastfeeding, I would have loved to join him!). I wanted my empathy for the kids to override my own pounding head, runny nose, and achy body - but it didn't. Sure I felt bad for them, but there was also this little part of me that was wondering what pharmaceuticals I could buy that would knock them out. I know, I know there are currently no cold medicines recommended for children under five, which is why I don't give them anything...but can't a woman dream?!

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