Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Things We Love

Im going to start posting one item the family loves each week. To start us off...
we have 2 of these sound machines
one in each of the kids rooms. While living in the city, they slept right through fire trucks, garbage trucks, drunken 20 somethings on their way home from a bar - but here in the quiet country (I wish!) it apparently is TOO quiet for them. So, we purchased these little gems to add some noise. They work like a charm.
Drew likes to pick which of the sounds they listen to each night. I have to say that waking up to rain when it isn't really raining throws me for a loop. I also wake in the night wondering why the windows are open when he sets it to "summer night" and it sounds like the crickets are invading. The box says that the human heartbeat is the most soothing sound, but it freaks them both out! If you have trouble sleeping through noise, I suggest you pick up one of these.

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