Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sick In

We are stuck at home today, my little buddy Drew is sick. I can't remember the last time we stayed home all day. The tv is so abused today, but every time Drew tries to play he ends up laying down wherever he is - the floor, a chair, on top of toys, etc. So, tv it is. 

Which brings me to another point - Ella is so loving Drew's illness. It all started last night when Mike brought home apple juice and Popsicles. Drew barely wet his lips before returning to the couch. And there was Ella, beaming from ear to ear with a Popsicle in one hand and a big cup of juice in the other. During meals Im offering every thing and anything to Drew, hoping he will eat something. Ella listens in and asks for whatever I suggest to Drew. For lunch she had soup, yogurt, toast, muffins, apples, blackberries, cereal, crackers and juice. Drew had 2 bites of soup and fruit.  After lunch she said, "You not feeling good, Drew? Wanna watch some tv? Yeah. Ok buddy. Mommy, put the tv on for Drew!" She really plays the concerned sister role so well! 

ps. I can't find my camera usb cord, but I have some cute pics and videos I want to share. Keep your fingers crossed! 

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