Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We planned on going to story time at a Barnes and Nobles this morning, but I had the date wrong. (It is amazing how unconnected from the world I can be...the date? I barely know the month!) We were at a different mall...the kind of mall where the woman are dressed as if they may be photographed at any minute. The kid of mall where there are often more sales people than items in the store. We fit right my dreams! 

We were playing at the train table (Drew was playing, Ella was hoarding stuffed animals and Tyler was stuffing his face) with 4 other boys ages 1-4. We were the only English speaking family present. To say these boys were aggressive is a ridiculous understatement. They were pushing, grabbing, yelling, grunting, and smashing stuff.

I was proud of Drew, although his lip quivered once, he stood his own, clutching his little red caboose and trying to get out of the way. He changed directions when needed, let other non-caboose trains go, and was always on the lookout for an abandoned train. He didn't sink to their level. Several times all 3 of my kids were just standing and staring at the wild show. Most surprising were the overly stylish moms who were barely watching, much less intervening. Sometimes I am critical of myself for being too involved, but they were just negligent! We left to go play with the overpriced Pottery Barn play kitchens and came back later to a friendlier Thomas the Train loving crowd. 

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