Monday, November 24, 2008

Dad signing on

Thought I would make my first appearance following a historical weekend for the family. Our first trip to the hockey rink!!!!

There is a tradition of hockey on both sides of the family, so I have been anxious to get them started on the ice. D&E were both excited to lace up the skates for their first time. The first challenge was getting them to walk with the blades on. Check. They both did this superbly. As we approached the door to enter onto the ice, they both began to walk a little slower and with a less enthusiasm. I think reality had set in. We were actually going to step thru the boards and onto the ice.

Their first steps were a bit wobbly. Lauren and I each had one, our arms under their arms. I was loving it! We were on the ice. I was hoping that they loved it as much as I had when I was young. But I quickly realized that this wasn't going to happen quite yet. As my family likes to say … "no flies on Ella" She quickly realized that at this point, on the bench was the best place to be. "I sit on the bench….for a little bit" she said. Everything is always "for a little bit" with her. So we brought them to the bench and sat them down just to survey the ice for a while and watch the people skate around. I thought it would be good for them to see me do it - so I skated around as well. Just seeing their faces, outlined by their snow hats, their little eyes locked onto me as I made a lap - that was awesome for me - my heart was filled up. I was elated.

We proceeded to bring them on the ice and do our best to help them skate around. They did awesome. Ella did her best skating en route to the door off the ice. "Ella, lets skate to the door then we can get off….oops Ella we missed the door, lets go around again" "okay Daddy lets go"
Drew was just a trooper - he did great. As he skated around he said "this is like a choo choo train" - Anything in motion is like a choo choo train with Drew.

Seriously, with a little help, they were both able to almost walk across the ice. A great job for their first time out. I was proud.

Also - much like the first time we went skiing together - Lauren really impressed me. She doesn't skate much but she looked like she did!!!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Lauren! All those years skating on the bogs came right back to you - like riding a bike.

Dargan Twins said...

Thanks Mike! Great job guest blogging! It really was an awesome time.