Monday, November 17, 2008

Simple Pleasures

There is nothing like a young child to remind you to take pleasure in the simple things. I suppose this is an especially poignant point as the holidays approach. Here are some favorite things of the moment: 

Ella: She has taken to hanging a reusable shopping bag on a dining room chair and filling it with things. Little animals, dish towels, combs, magnets, and books all reside in there among other treasures. She occasionally takes a peek in there, carries it for a lap around the house and then hangs it back up. 

Drew:  A flashlight is his new obsession. Sometimes for a big thrill we turn the lights out. 

Tyler: He is just too easy. He loves to tear paper, eat shoes, and play with bowls (although that last activity caused a cut on his eye and a trip to the ER, but no stitches.) Oh, and he also loves to splash in the toilet! Come to think of it, maybe I should buy him a toy :) Ha, Ha. 

As the giving season approaches, doubled with their birthdays so close to Christmas, I have been giving some thought to our approach. I have thought about my memories of waking to mounds and mounds of presents. The joy, the wonder, and the excitement. Mike remembers getting a big gift upstairs at Gram's house. We have a few years to iron out what our gift giving strategy and traditions will be. This year Ive started by choosing some handmade gifts from Etsy that I think they will enjoy. I like the fact that they were made by moms. I wish I were more crafty! Hopefully this year Ella, Drew and Tyler continue to absorb the feelings of the holidays - love, thanks, peace, joy - that all come when gathering and celebrating with family. 

Although you, my loyal readers, aren't big on commenting - I would love to hear some of your family holiday traditions that our family would enjoy as well. 

ps. that picture is Mike holding our most pleasurable gift last year - Tyler - although he turned out to be not so simple. 

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